Community College art students paint mural
June 28, 2011
Community College art students paint mural

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies may have a lesson of the metamorphosis of an environment spread across its walls.{{more}}

The art students of the institution have been busy painting a mural on the walls of the school, just opposite the art room, for the past two weeks or so.

SEARCHLIGHT visited the institution on Friday, June 17, as the students were meticulously placing finishing touches on the art work.

Taking a break, the students, seated in the comfort of the school’s art room, discussed the meaning of the mural among other things.

“We wanted to show how our environment has changed,” Geniene Browne, an art student stated. “The idea is about the metamorphosis of the environment.”

The mural vividly displays brilliant greens of a lush mountain side and forest, which transforms into busy city life, which then transforms again into a mountain side showing a river flowing out of the mountains.

The students explained that the mural was done to inspire others to be environmentally friendly and to sensitize persons to the original state of the environment and how it has changed .

The students, however, learned a lot about team work from the project as they explained that communication is key, in order to be successful in such a project. Jade Joseph, another art student involved in the project, stated that he learnt how to collaborate with his peers, as his ideas may not be in sync with those of his friends.

The students also shared a bit of the feedback received from fellow students at the institution, from inquiries of “if is Georgetown mash up, mash up” to more in-depth inquiries of the true meaning of the mural. At the end of the day, the students hope to inspire others to recognize the changes in their environment and also, to take care of it.

Approximately 17 art students participated in the project from conceptualization to painting. According to the students, the initial stages of the project began on May 25.