June 24, 2011

Vincentian youths to star in Singing with the Stars

Young Vincentians between ages seven to 17 will have another extra curricular activity to keep them busy this summer, with the introduction of the Singing With the Stars Kids Edition.{{more}}

The show, which gets started on Saturday, July 2, will be filmed on the upper floor of the Grenville Street Bickles restaurant beginning at 4pm.

Following in the footsteps of the original Singing With The Stars which is filmed on Wednesday nights at Sunsail Lounge in Ratho Mill, the young participants will sing their hearts out to favorite songs with their music idols, with their performances being judged by their peers and supporters present at the restaurant.

The top performers selected will appear on the television program, which will be aired on Tuesdays at 6 pm on SVG TV and a date to be announced on IK TV.

Viewers of the television program will cast their votes at, with the youngster accumulating the most votes that week winning prizes compliments the programme’s sponsors.

One voter who selected the winning performer will also win prizes, and those participating during the live filming will also receive prizes.

To date, a number of business places have come on board to partner with the organizer of the event; these include Bickles, Vita Malt, Jujube Bookstore and Sunsail.

Producer of Singing With The Stars Original and the Kids Edition Shows Georgette ‘Aunty G’ Nanton says that the initiative to introduce the junior version of the programme is an effort to motivate the youngsters to showcase their singing talent, as well as to give the children another positive activity to involve themselves in during the summer.

The show is initially scheduled to run for the ten weeks of summer, with hopes to continue on intervals throughout the rest of the year.

Interested persons can get more information at the email address or on Facebook (Singing With The Stars SVG) (JJ)