VINLEC Board  members get familiar with plant operations
June 17, 2011

VINLEC Board members get familiar with plant operations

Members of the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC) are now more familiar with the operations of the Lowmans Bay Power Plant.{{more}}

This development follows a recent tour and walk through by board members which was facilitated by the Plant Engineer Mark Lulley.

The Lowmans Bay Plant has undergone significant changes with the commissioning of two new 4.3 megawatt engines, as VINLEC moves to meet new demands and improve the company’s efficiency and reliability, in order to better serve the needs of its customers. More than forty-one (41) million US dollars have already been spent in this regard and the plant is now running at full capacity with full take over of the two new engines.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of VINLEC René Baptiste notes that the tour of the plant was important so that when Board members sit down to make decisions, they will be better placed to do so, since they now have an understanding and greater appreciation of what is involved in the actual operations of the facility.

The tour is the first of several in which Board Members will be involved, so as to get a clearer understanding of how VINLEC operates. The Board members will visit and tour all of VINLEC’s plants and outstations throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Chairperson of the Board, Rene Baptiste and CEO Thornley Myers were joined by other members of the Board and Senior Vinlec staff on the tour of the Lowmans Bay Plant.