Sailors collect prizes in the Canouan Whitsuntide Regatta
June 17, 2011

Sailors collect prizes in the Canouan Whitsuntide Regatta

Canouan Resort Development (CRD) donated $10,000 to the prize winners of the recently concluded Canouan Whitsuntide Regatta.{{more}}

The event saw two days of racing in which 19 boats participated. The climax of the races took place on Sunday. The drama on the high seas began at 10 am in the form of a neck and neck race in the ‘Big Guns’ category Class 5 (28 foot boats) between Bequia Pride and Double Bluff.

The boats took a westerly course off Bachelor Hall (Grand Bay) racing to the marker at Friendship Bay (beyond Mayreau) and back.

The races were judged in a two day aggregate and the results are as follows: Class 1 Gumboats winner Aqua Finn 1, 2nd position Aqua Finn 2, 3rd position ‘Sunfish.

Class 2 1st position ‘De Shark’, 2nd position Denita G, 3rd position ‘My Love’

In Class 3, the winners were ‘Scope International’, 2nd position tie ‘Liberty’ and ‘Arc Royal’, class 4 1st position ‘More Worries’, 2nd position ‘Nerrisa J-2, 3rd position ‘Nerissa J-1’.

In Class 5 1st position ‘Bequia Pride’, 2nd position ‘Double Bluff’, 3rd position ‘Shyler’.