Liberty Lodge gets farming material
June 17, 2011
Liberty Lodge gets farming material

The young men of the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre are now

better capable at practicing their agricultural skills, thanks to a donation of farming materials from the JCI last Friday.{{more}}

The contribution was part of the organization’s week of activities to commemorate 51 years as a voluntary group in this country. The young men received water boots, hoes and seeds, among other items, which were handed over to teacher Desriee Wilson at the facility.

JCI President Ama Carmichael said that this was the voluntary organization’s way of encouraging the youngsters to pursue their dreams, while enabling them to get the training necessary to earn a living.

President Carmichael noted that the Liberty Lodge Centre which is sometimes looked upon as a place for underachievers could make the young males develop inferior complexes. She, however, said that her members were pleased to advise the Liberty Lodge residents to stay on the right path and not let their situations hinder them from living their full potential.