Ezekiel Sutherland is  Fisherman of the Year!
June 17, 2011

Ezekiel Sutherland is Fisherman of the Year!

Ezekiel Sutherland is the 2011 Fisherman of the Year. Bringing in a catch of 508 pounds, Sutherland secured the top spot, winning gifts, including a 75 HP 4 stroke engine, a trophy and life jackets, hooks, nylon and artificial bait.{{more}} Sutherland was also awarded for catching the largest number of fish, with a tally of 90 heads.

Following closely behind Sutherland was Ellis Roberts who gained the 2nd heaviest catch of the day with 472 pounds. Roberts’ prizes included $2,000, a trophy, microwave and lifejackets. Cliff Young secured the third spot, catching 291.5 pounds of fish. His prizes included $900, a centre table, three life jackets and two cases of oil.

The Fisherman’s month of activities climaxed on Monday, June 13, 2011, at the Calliaqua Fisheries Centre and Playing Field. Speaking at the closing ceremony, Chief Fisheries Officer Raymond Ryan commented that all activities were successful this year. The Fisherman’s month which began on Friday, May 13, featured ‘fish nites’ at Owia, Calliaqua and Barrouallie, as well as Fishing Competitions and Japan Day.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Transformation Montgomery Daniel applauded the fishermen who took part in the activities during the month, and more so, the competitions on Fisherman’s Day.

“You have indeed made an outstanding contribution to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and you have made this country proud,” Daniel said.

Daniel, commenting on the slogan for this year: “Quality fish, healthy dish,” also encouraged Vincentians to eat more quality fish. He further stated that the best quality fish starts from the time it is caught to when it meets the consumer. Daniel also commended the Fisherman’s Day committee and its chairman Winfield Tannis on a job well done for this year’s fisherman Day activities.

Tannis, also delivering remarks, thanked the public for their support during the fisherman’s month, adding that all the activities were successful. He further encouraged fisher folk to continue to collaborate with the Fisheries Department to improve the fishing industry.

Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel commended the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries on its efforts to improve the fishing industry in St. Vincent. She also called for greater co-operation between Vincentians and the Ministry in moving the fishing industry forward.

The evening’s celebration also saw cultural performances from the Calliaqua Anglican, Lowmans Leeward Anglican and Biabou Methodist Schools and Shaunelle Mckenzie. Appearances were also made by Miss SVG 2011 Aviar Charles, 1st runner up Jamie Delplesche and 2nd Runner up Sheridan Haynes.(OS)