Dr Jean Holder resigns as LIAT Chairman
June 17, 2011

Dr Jean Holder resigns as LIAT Chairman

Chairman of LIAT, Dr. Jean Holder, has submitted his resignation as Director and Chairman of the Board of LIAT to the Government of Barbados.{{more}}

A release from LIAT on June 14 said: “After fourteen years in the diplomatic service and a further 30 years as the head of two regional organisations, the Caribbean Tourism Research and Development Centre and the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, he was appointed to the Board of LIAT by Barbados in 2004 and has served there for another seven years. He has confirmed his commitment to continue serving LIAT as Chairman, until someone is appointed to replace him.”

The Chairman has indicated that there are a number of persons he felt it appropriate to inform before the news became public, and he especially did not wish this announcement to be made while the Company was in the middle of union negotiations. Unfortunately, the information was leaked to the media which began to press the Company for confirmation.