Febuary gets Common Entrance gift in June
June 14, 2011

Febuary gets Common Entrance gift in June

Eric Febuary spoke with much confidence as he described his feelings on placing second in the 2011 Common Entrance examinations.{{more}}

“I feel great,” the pupil of the Richland Park Seventh Day Adventist Primary School told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I have always done well in my schoolwork, so I always expected to do well,” he continued.

Although admitting that he had some difficulties with General Paper, Febuary recorded scores of 98.33 per cent in Mathematics; 93.17 per cent in English and 91.67 per cent in General Paper, with an overall average of 94.3 per cent.

He attributed his success to his passion for reading, saying that he enjoys reading fantasy and books about the human body.

After all, the eleven year old says that he would like to become a neurologist.

The Mountain View Adventist Academy is the institution young Febuary has chosen for his secondary education, citing a strong Christian upbringing; he said that he wants to get a Christian education.

And speaking of a strong Christian background, he credits his parents Desmond and Tricheal Febuary, both of whom are teachers at the Mountain View Academy, for contributing to his success.

“I was very excited,” mom Tricheal said.

She added that she thought that she was more nervous than her son.

Tricheal Febuary worked as an invigilator at another school during the June 3 Common Entrance exams.

“I saw the paper, especially the Math,” she explained, adding that the questions were easy, but needed a lot of application.

Marva Hector, Febuary’s Grade 6 teacher, however praised the young man for his ability to reason.

“He portrayed characteristics that boys don’t usually possess,” Hector told SEARCHLIGHT.

She further contended that she attributed the boy’s success to his love for reading, saying that she strongly believed that had a tremendous impact on his success.

Febuary’s good showing comes on the heels of former Richland Park Seventh Day Adventist Primary student, Delight Ollivierre’s second place back in 2009.

Hector is of the view that Febuary’s good showing reflected well on the school.

“We are very overwhelmed to have a student in the top 10 again.”

“It shows that no matter where you go, as long as you get the right teaching, you can do well,” she said. (DD)