June 14, 2011

Common Entrance Examination records 51.18 percent passes

51.18 per cent of the students who wrote this year’s Common Entrance examinations attained the standard prescribed by the Ministry of Education.{{more}}

Of the 1,061 males who wrote the examination in 2011, 463 (43.63 per cent) met the required standard, while of the 1020 females, 602 (59.01 per cent) met the standard.

The exam, which was completed on June 3, 2011, was written by 2081 of the 2101 students who registered.

This year’s top student is Alron Harry of the Kingstown Preparatory School, who returned an average of 95.16 per cent.

The highest average score in 2010 was 95.75 per cent.

In joint second place were Sai Bhavesh Tadepalli of the Sugar Mill Academy and Eric Febuary of the Richland Park S.D.A Primary, with 94.35 per cent.

There were 20 students in this year’s exam who earned in excess of 90 per cent of the total marks. There were 127 students who scored 80 per cent or more of the total marks.

The first 11 places were taken by the Kingstown Preparatory School (4 students); the Sugar Mill Academy (2 students ); the Georgetown Government (1 student); the Richland Park S.D.A School (1 student) ; the St. Mary’s R.C. School (1 student); the Summit Educational Trust (1 student) and the Windsor Primary School (1 student).

The highest score in General Paper was achieved by Natasha Hypolite and Jessica Prescott of the Kingstown Preparatory School; they recorded 95.00 per cent.

Shikana Browne of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School and Alron Harry of the Kingstown Preparatory School tied for first place in the English test, with scores of 93.94 per cent.

Sai Bhavesh Tadepalli of the Sugar Mill Academy was first in Maths, with a perfect score of 100 per cent.

According to a release from the Ministry of Education, students who earn at least half of the total marks available and who also earn not less than one-third of the total marks on any one paper are deemed to have achieved the prescribed standard.