Aaliyah John: I feel elated, happy about my achievement
June 14, 2011

Aaliyah John: I feel elated, happy about my achievement

Eleven-year-old Aaliyah John is as calm as they come. She admitted that she was calm before and during the Common Entrance Examinations and did what she had to do.{{more}}

The end result of that saw Aaliyah coming out on top as the best performer at the Petersville Primary School. She placed 14th overall and 5th for girls.

The daughter of Station Sergeant / lawyer Colin and Antonio John of Lowmans Leeward, Aaliyah scored grades of 96.67 per cent in Math; 88.33 per cent in General Paper and 88.64 per cent in English.

“I feel elated; happy about my achievement,” remarked Aaliyah in a calm manner. In preparation for her exams, Aaliyah said she received tremendous help from her parents in every regard.

A member of the La Gracia Dance Company, Aaliyah plans to work even harder to fulfill her dream of becoming a pediatrician, as she pursues her secondary education at the Girls’ High School in September. “I like interacting with children and I want to help people when they are sick,” Aaliyah observed.

Proud mother, Antonio, who tried in vain to hide her elation, expressed joy at her daughter’s accomplishment, and said she always knew Aaliyah would do well at the examinations. “I expected her to do well and I feel really overwhelmed…,” she said.

Her father, Colin related that Aaliayh has always been self-motivated and it came as no surprise to him when she did so well at the examinations. (KW)