Plant a Tree today, Feed the world tomorrow
June 10, 2011
Plant a Tree today, Feed the world tomorrow

The children of the Windsor Primary School, located next to the Botanic Gardens, were the latest recipients of a wide variety of citrus fruit trees, coconut trees and vegetable seedlings.{{more}}

The seedlings were a gift from Jankie Glass, the managing director of Karib Cable, the only triple network service in SVG, as part of an ongoing programme: “Plant a tree today, Feed the world tomorrow.”

The fruit and coconut trees were planted on the school compound by the excited and keen children of the Windsor Primary School, supervised by teachers and the principal. The Windsor Primary is a privately run school that has been in operation for about 21 years, and it was the first time an event like this had taken place at the school.

“I’m pleased to be associated with this kind of venture,” said principal Carol Smith.

“I felt that as a nation, we are to dependant on containers which bring in our food from other countries. If an unfortunate act happens and the container sinks, are we as a nation going to starve? I always believe people should start to plant what they want to eat. By teaching these kids how to grow and care for these plants, it will not only provide them with a sense of responsibility, but as they grow older, they can reap the benefit from the trees they planted and making them more dependent on theirs and local food supply.”

Glass, who is spearheading this programme, is very passionate about the idea of partnering with schools throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She is urging more schools to come on board. She believes that agriculture should begin from the primary school level, to teach the children that they can plant and grow what they eat.

This programme, which was started some five years ago, will head to the beautiful islands of the Grenadines, with two schools in Bequia next in line, and then schools in Mayreau and Union Island.