June 10, 2011
Harlequin Developments denies not paying NIS or PAYE deductions

David Campion, Development Director of Harlequin Developments, the company construction the Buccama Bay Resort, is refuting claims that it has not been paying its sub-contractors or its National Insurance Services contributions.{{more}}

He told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, June 8, while the company’s use of sub-contractors has been very successful, there have been some sub-contractors who have sought to abuse the new structure.

“We’ve had issues of non-payment of NIS, non-payment of tax, and we’ve had to step in and deal directly with the tax authorities….The sub-contractors and this is in the minority…they were being paid by Harlequin, but not paying their guys,” said Campion.

He said the situation has been addressed, but the resort received some bad press, which was a bit frustrating.