Shot in the mouth
May 13, 2011
Shot in the mouth

Up until press time on Thursday morning, police were still on the hunt for a Rillan Hill man, who allegedly shot his fellow villager in the face and back after an argument ensued over missing livestock.{{more}}

Iran “Jacket” Dunbar is mystified as to why he was shot late Wednesday afternoon at Rillan Hill, over something he says he has no knowledge of.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, Thursday, at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Dunbar said the alleged shooter had been accusing him for the past two weeks of stealing his goats.

“After me hear the man ah call up me name in all this, me see he yesterday and confront him bout it,” Dunbar disclosed. While confronting the alleged shooter about the allegations made against him, Dunbar said an argument developed, which saw the alleged shooter leave and return with a gun, accompanied by a another man.

Dunbar said the argument recommenced and the shooter then struck him in the face with his hands.

“The man come and hit me just so, so I try to go hit him back, but the same time now, [the other man] jump in front ah me fo block the lash,” Dunbar recounted.

“Me see [the shooter] tek out his gun and fire one ah me foot but it na ketch me…he point the gun to me head and pull the trigger and tell me he war kill me,” said Dunbar. That second bullet connected with the left side of Dunbar’s jaw; travelled through his mouth and is now lodged in the right side of his neck.

Even after sustaining the injury to his face, a bloody Dunbar said he was still alert as to what was going on around him. Dunbar was also shot in his back by his attacker.

Dunbar said he has been informed by doctors that he will undergo surgery soon to remove the bullet.

Iran’s mother, Junie Dunbar said she feels really bad that her son was shot “for nothing”.

“He get shoot for nothing. Iran don’t trouble nobody; my son is a cool youth,” she said.

As for right now, Dunbar says he is taking everything lightly and hopes the police apprehend his assailant soon.

“Me ah cool man; me dor trouble nobody. All me tell the man is to keep my name out he mouth. It done happen so ah ready yo know,” he added.