SDA church donates to Langley Park, Georgetown residents
April 29, 2011
SDA church donates to Langley Park, Georgetown residents

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has donated six water tanks and toiletries to the people of Langley Park and Georgetown, affected by the flooding and landslides of April 12.{{more}}

A release from the Church said that the church is “very much in solidarity with the Government and people of Georgetown and Langley Park, in respect to the collateral damages sustained as a result of the recent unseasonal rain, which caused severe flooding to the area.”

“Our Christian obligation directs us to reach out and care; to provide assistance and help in one way or the other. To those who have been directly affected we will like you to know that your loss is our loss; your pain is our pain; your discomfort is our discomfort; your inconvenience is our inconvenience.”

The release said the six water tanks can collectively hold 4,800 gallons of water.

“We understand how a disaster can change the quality of life overnight for all of us; therefore, we must be ready at all times to be our brothers’ keeper,” the release signed by Coordinator of the SDA church Dermoth Baptiste said.

“In the midst of your anxiety, apprehension and worry we urge you to be of good courage. The story of Easter reminds us that beyond the crucifixion lies the glorious resurrection. Therefore together we shall rise,” the release said.