NDP announces eight for Young Democrats Public Speaking finals
April 12, 2011
NDP announces eight for Young Democrats Public Speaking finals

The eight finalists in the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Young Democrats Inaugural Public Speaking Competition were announced on Thursday, April 7, at the NDP headquarters.{{more}}

The finalists are: Leslie Bascombe of West St. George, Attica Franklyn of North Leeward, Trishiel Gabriel of Central Leeward, Shaniel Howe of the Northern Grenadines, Laverne King of the Southern Grenadines, Johnny Noel of North Windward, Allan Leach of the Northern Grenadines and Lexie Selmon of Kingstown.

The zonal competition ended on April 4. The participants who did not make it to the finals, scheduled for April 30, were presented with certificates of participation and tokens of appreciation.

The main topic for the finals is: ‘The repeal of section 51 (3) and 51 (4) of the Representation of People’s Act will have no effect on election campaigning in St. Vincent and the Grenadines’.

President of the Young Democrats Nick Francis said the main purpose behind the public speaking competition is to raise the level of debate of their members. Francis added that the competition is used to encourage the use of standard English and increase awareness of national issues that are affecting the youth in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.