April 1, 2011
Pole Yard residents water woes over

Residents of the Arnos Vale Community known as Pole Yard will soon have some relief to their long-standing water woes. The village, which is an informal settlement, was established over 20 years ago and has been without pipe-borne water since its establishment.{{more}}

Previously, villagers were assisted by workers of the office of the Public Works Department (PWD) located at the gateway to the village. However, the Arnos Vale PWD office recently closed, thereby literally drying up that supply of water for the residents.

The worsening situation was brought to the attention of the new Area Representative Cecil McKie, who held various discussions with the Central Water and Sewerage Authority. That body visited the village and agreed on two locations to place community pipes to offer some immediate relief to the residents. This action by the Water Authority takes on even grater significance as they prepare to celebrate water week next month.