Hitz 103.7 providing quality entertainment to the nation
March 11, 2011
Hitz 103.7 providing quality entertainment to the nation

The first FM radio station to be established in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is marking its 14th year of existence.{{more}}

Hitz 103.7 celebrated its anniversary on March 4, 2011.

Candice Sealey, Marketing Manager of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC), parent company of Hitz 103.7, told Searchlight that the company is elated about the anniversary of the radio station. Sealey stated that Hitz 103.7 was introduced to the nation in order to bring something different to the market.

Sealey added that Hitz 103.7 seeks to provide quality entertainment and also to educate and inform persons, which is the concept of “Edutainment”, she said. “You do it in a fun way so that the message resonates with the audience.”

According to Sealey, the feedback received from the public when the station was introduced was great, as persons responded well to the programmes and the music selections as well as the radio personalities featured on the station. Sealey stated that both young and old gravitated towards the station, as it presented something different to the listening audience who still appreciate the station to this day. Sealey added that some of the popular radio personalities in SVG today had their beginnings with HITZ 103.7. Some of the current on air personalities include Dj Kano, Lady M, Dj Fugitive and the Groove Master. DJ Crews such as Nu Koncept and the Blowout Crew are also featured on the station.

The programmes featured on HITZ 103.7 include the Wake up and Go programme; Classics which features retro songs; Entertainment News; World Caribbean Countdown and the Top Ten at Ten Countdown: the only local countdown show based on air play, according to Sealey. The station is also known for highlighting issues within the society through its popular Sunday talk show Hitz Talk.

The station is not without its challenges, and according to Sealey, keeping up with the competition has been the main challenge. “The challenge is always to be ahead of the game, it’s always to be creative…”. Sealey said that in the world of radio, it’s all about promotions, about encouraging persons to tune in to listen.

Hitz 103.7, Sealey says, has seen improvements in the coverage throughout the island as well as the staff, which has come to recognize that a radio station is all about the public and listening to what the public wants. She also shared hopes that the station can improve in all aspects “from output to embracing technology more, to social marketing.” Sealey attributed the success of HITZ 103.7 to the hard working staff, the listening audience and the company’s business partners.

Sealey also stated that SVGBC also has specials lined up to commemorate the anniversaries of HITZ 103.7, SVGTV, Total Inspiration and EZEE, all members of the SVGBC family. The Total Inspiration 100.5 will also be celebrating its first anniversary in May 2011, while EZEE radio celebrated four years on air in January.(OS)