March 8, 2011
Fisheries Division gets funds for innovative project

The Government is financing an innovative fishing initiative in St.Vincent and the Grenadines called the Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) project.{{more}}

This project started in 2010 and $60,000 was allotted to the Fisheries Division towards the development of the project. The main objective of the programme is to sustain the fishery resources in Vincentian waters.

Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) are constructed by using floating objects such as buoys, plastic or branches, which are then attached by string to a heavy device, metal or concrete, to keep them in one place. Studies have shown that fish are attracted to floating devices like the FADs and these create fishing grounds.

A total of seven will be deployed throughout the waters of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Fisheries Officer Hyrone Johnson of the Fisheries Division constructed and deployed two of these FADs last April.

He said the project is a success so far and the Ministry is getting some positive feedback from the fisherfolk about the success rate of catching fish around these FADs.

Johnson said some fisherfolk are cutting these FADs for very odd reasons, such as when their seine gets tangled with it or they do not want others to catch around the FAD.

He made an appeal to fisherfolk to refrain from carrying out such acts.

“Having these FADs will have a positive impact on the fishing industry and it will be more economical for fisherfolk, as they will use less gas to go searching for fishing grounds,” said Johnson.

Other officials at the Fisheries Division also see FADs as a means of creating employment, thus enhancing the livelihood of fisherfolk and their families.