Beaten, abused child escapes after terrible ordeal
March 8, 2011

Beaten, abused child escapes after terrible ordeal

Parents and villagers in a South Leeward community are expressing hurt and disgust, one day after an unknown person took the innocence of a ten-year-old child,{{more}} by removing her from her bed as she slept, dragging her to a vacant lot, and physically and sexually assaulting her.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the small village on Monday morning, a little more than 24 hours after the tragedy occurred, a number of mothers, still themselves traumatized by the child’s ordeal, expressed outrage and sympathized with the victim, her parents and other family members, whose lives have been turned upside down by what transpired in the early morning of Sunday, March 6.

One neighbour, a mother of two, said that the community was not its usual self, as daylight came and persons were made aware of what had happened while they slept.

“A lot of us did not cook yesterday (Sunday), because nobody had the spirit to eat or do anything. The whole neighbourhood was in tears,” she informed.

“What that person did was cruel; it’s wickedness to the highest.”

Another parent, the mother of two daughters, was more agitated when she commented on the act.

“I must vex. My last daughter eight years old (the other is 16), and if I did meet him, what you think woulda happen? Me ah go ah jail fo dem.”

An adult, who informed SEARCHLIGHT that the area is home to several young children, especially girls, said that they (the children) are worried, scared and feel sorry for their little friend.

The persons SEARCHLIGHT spoke with said that they intend to take extra precautionary measures to safeguard their families, and called for more street lights in the area, which is usually dark at nights.

A family member of the grade four pupil of a primary school in the area informed SEARCHLIGHT that earlier on Saturday afternoon, the child had attended a party with other children, not too far from her home.

It is believed that the perpetrator entered the house through a back door some hours later, while everyone in the house was asleep, at around 4 am.

The child, who just turned ten years old in January, was forced by knife point from the room which she shared with her six-year-old brother.

She was taken to a vacant area, littered with garbage and bushes, not too far from the home, where she was beaten by her assailant and raped.

The child is said to have escaped after the man finished his act, and returned to her home, immediately reporting the matter to her parents, who alerted the police.

“They used her like when you using a big woman,” a teary eyed elderly relative recounted. “When I feel the pain is when the police woman pick she up and put she in the transport.”

The child is described as a very vibrant individual in her community, who is usually involved in church and school events, and was a source of inspiration to those she encountered.

A concerned parent in the area indicated that there were reports of an unknown individual seen lurking in the area some time on Saturday, and called on anyone with information to report what they know to the police.

“We are devastated. She is young, she is talented, she is active in church and in school, and what this person did to her was not right.”

“A lot of prayers are going out for the child and her family and we believe in our hearts that the person who did this will be caught.”

Meanwhile a police official at the Questelles Police Station, where the matter is being investigated, says that they hope to make a breakthrough in the case very soon.

The officer said that they have been receiving cooperation from the people in the community, who are up in arms about the matter.

“We hope to find who ever is responsible, before the people find him,” the officer told SEARCHLIGHT.