February 25, 2011
C.P. Cacho donates US$5000 to the SVG National Trust

C.P. Cacho, a distinguished Garifuna who visited SVG on December 28, 2010, has given US$5000 to the National Trust.{{more}}

During his visit, the former World Bank and UWI official held a joint press conference with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

On the one day visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines, Cacho saw the paintings at the Fort depicting the Garifuna’s history. He was visibly moved, particularly by the one showing his ancestors in chains being loaded onto the boat for Belize.

Cacho actually took over the show at the Fort, explaining to a busload of fellow cruise ship visitors that this was the story of his own people.

Later, Cacho visited the Cayoid settlement unearthed at Argyle and stood in the erstwhile longhouse. Time, however, did not permit him to reach Sandy Bay, where Parliamentary Representative Montgomery Daniel had made arrangements to receive him.

Cacho has stipulated that the donation be used to fund life membership of the National Trust for his parents, Lorenzo and Ignacia, and his paternal grandmother, Balvina Velasquez Cacho. The remainder of the money is a gift from Cornelius P. And Laura L. Cacho to fund a Garifuna related project.

It is fitting that this donation should reach the Trust in Black History month. The Trust currently has its own display on Black History.

Cacho and his partner were the guests of Cims and Kathy Martin.