Another deformed goat born in North Central Windward
February 25, 2011
Another deformed goat born in North Central Windward

Another deformed goat has been born in the North Central Windward area.{{more}}

On February 21, 2011, a goat, born with deformed features, drew many curious onlookers to the community of Park Hill.

The kid was born with no eyes or fur on its body, except for a patch on the head. The kid’s teeth were shaped like human teeth.

This strange kid was born only two weeks after SEARCHLIGHT carried a story in our February 8 edition about the birth of another deformed goat in South Rivers, a neighbouring village to Park Hill.

In that story, veterinarian Dr. Collin Boyle expressed the view that chemicals, which may have contaminated the animal’s mother’s food or water supply, may be a possible cause for the genetic abnormality.

He called for some investigation to be done into the effects of some of the herbicides commonly used by farmers on animals.

He added that this practice could also mean harmful side effects for humans as well.

According to Boyle, perhaps there may be areas with high concentrations of cancer cases which may be worth investigating.

He also was of the opinion that some of these harmful chemicals should be banned. The veterinarian, however, said there could be other probable causes for the mutation, including inbreeding.

Park Hill and South Rivers are strong farming communities.

The kid born in Park Hill on February 21 weighed a mere 5lbs and survived for approximately five minutes.