February 18, 2011
National Early Childhood Educators elect new executive

The newly elected executive of the National Association of Early Childhood Educators says that their plan to place early childhood education on the nation’s front burner for 2011.{{more}}

President Rochelle Tannis Ollivierre indicated to Searchlight that the Association intend to do this by spreading the importance of early childhood education to the parents of the nation, by upgrading the operations and appearance of the association itself.

“We want to comply with OECS regulations to come in line with the regional associations,” Ollivierre said in a telephone interview with Searchlight last week.

“We also want to form a national council that would involve members from the government as well as the association, so we could have more assistance in terms of dealing with proper nutrition of the children and other issues.”

Ollivierre said there are plans to develop a website for the association, where its members can advertise and promote their schools, and events that they may be having.

Plans are also underway for a central office.

According to the president, the association is also looking at increasing the number of zones from seven to eight or nine.

“We are looking to see where we could divide them… zone one is a very large zone, so we have to look at it and see where we can make it smaller. There are other areas which are large as well so we will look at them and see if we can split them up.”

“It is our hope as well to secure an area central to the zones where we could develop a recreation park.”

“A lot of times we would have problems when we want to hold an event at a playing field or hard court, and there is another function going on there.”

Ollivierre said that the highly anticipated Child Month, which is scheduled for May, is expected to be the highlight of the year.

She indicated plans are still being made for the occasion.

“We are looking to make parents more aware of the benefits of early education for their children. Children who attend ‘school’ at an early stage will have an advantage in the future.”

Ollivierre said that persons needing more information, or who are willing to assist the association can contact them at their new email address, [email protected] (JJ)