Charles refutes resignation rumours
February 18, 2011
Charles refutes resignation rumours

Parliamentary representative for Central Leeward Maxwell Charles has responded to rumours that he has resigned from the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP).{{more}}

“I want to make it loud and clear to the people of Central Leeward, to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, in the Diaspora, I am alive and well and have not resigned from the government,” Charles said during a radio programme Wednesday afternoon.

“I will not do so. That is why I came home from London. I came here to represent the people,” he continued.

The rumours were reported to have surfaced on the profile pages on Facebook of high profile supporters of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

According to Charles, he had spent the day in Cabinet and was first informed of the matter as he was leaving the day’s session.

He said that he did not pay the rumour any mind and proceeded to go home.

It was while he was making his way to visit some of his constituents that Charles said he received a call from his brother who again told him of the allegations.

It was also alleged that Charles was offered US $1 million, but he refused to comment on that, instead saying that he was not going to be distracted.

“They are trying to undermine the Labour Party and they are trying to shake the confidence in me,” Charles said.

“I am with the party and I will not resign,” Charles said, adding that he had strongly condemned the individual(s) who were spreading the propaganda. (DD)