Ollivierre grabs  Digicel’s Cash Vault $45,000 grand prize
February 11, 2011

Ollivierre grabs Digicel’s Cash Vault $45,000 grand prize

The excitement in Heritage Square last Friday, February 4, was infectious when the Digicel Cash Vault made its final stop and five persons walked away with a combined total of EC$80,000.{{more}}

The very popular Cash Vault was a pivotal part of Digicel’s 2010 Christmas promotion which was dubbed “Once Upon a Digicel Christmas”. The Cash Vault is a chamber designed to blow Digi-cash through the air while persons locked inside attempt to grab as much Digi-cash from the air as they can in 30 seconds.

Taking home the most money on Friday was Bequia resident Ryan Ollivierre. Ollivierre, who hails from Friendship, was one of five finalists randomly chosen by Digicel to grab for the opportunity to win either EC$45,000, EC$20,000, EC$10,000 or EC$2500. Persons were entered for a chance to be part of the grand finale by either paying their post paid bill on time and in full, buying a Digicel handset or topping up EC$25 or more.

The rules on Friday were simple. The five finalists were allowed to enter the vault and the one who grabbed the most money would win the EC$45,000. The second most would win EC$20,000, while the third most would get EC$10,000. Fourth and fifth place would get EC$2500.

The five contestants picked their numbers from a bag to decide who would enter the chamber first. Under the watchful eye of KPMG’s Marika John, Ollivierre, using a foot technique where he whipped the cash through the air with his feet, managed to grab EC$40,375, some EC$19,900 more than second place winner Karen Bascombe who also using the same technique took EC$20,475 from the vault.

After learning that he had won, Ollivierre who had entered the vault in the fifth place position, thanked Digicel for allowing him the opportunity to take home the substantial amount of cash.

“I feel good”, he said. “It is the first time I have won something, and I have plans for the money, but I can’t say right now.” Ollivierre added that he loves Digicel’s services and he would continue using the company as his telecommunications provider.

Coming in second, Bascombe, who had the support of her family, said that this is the third time that she has won something from the Company. The loyal customer said that in the past she managed to win a Blackberry Smartphone, while she was also one of many EC$1000 loyalty winners. Bascombe who was also the crowd’s favorite participant entered the vault in the fourth position and using the same foot technique that Ollivierre used managed to out grab the other three contestants.

“I’m happy, I’m pleased, and I am going to share my $20,000 with my family,” said Bascombe who revealed that she has been using Digicel since it opened its doors here in 2003.

“I can’t complain. Digicel is the best”, quipped Bascombe.

Third place was Thomas Bobb. Thomas represented his niece Kemeisha Bobb who was unable to make it. He walked away with EC$10,000 after taking EC$3100 from the vault. The Richland Park resident who was the third person to enter the vault jokingly said that Ollivierre and Bascombe stole his technique.

“They took my technique. They learnt from me. If I had been the number five person to enter the vault I would have won, but I’m glad I got something still”, said Bob, who described Digicel’s services as “a very good service”.

Third and fourth places went to Sion Hill resident Juma Jilkes, who was standing in for Shane Husbands, and Brighton resident Harry Olton. Both got EC$2,500.

Olton Commented: “I feel good, and I thank Digicel for the money”.

The event represented a culmination of weeks of Cash Vault activity throughout the island, from Point to Chateaubelair to the Southern Grenadine island of Union. The promotion was held in collaboration with the St. Vincent Brewery Limited and Courts St. Vincent. Present at the finale on Friday were Country Manager Sonia Polius, Public Relations Manager for the OECS Jerry George, Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche, Marketing Executive Justin John, Channel Manager Gershom Dick, and Dealer Accounts Manager Fanta Williams. Live entertainment came in the form of Disc Jockey ‘2 Cool Chris” and FunFest artistes ‘Boofa’ and Noveecha James, among others.

The event also saw the final set of weekly “Once Upon a Digicel Christmas” winners being rewarded. Collecting a Sony Stereo system was Karen Louie, while Dixton Findlay received a Sony 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera. Devan Peters received a 24 inch RCA television.

Apart from the five grand prize winners, four persons also got the opportunity to enter the Cash Vault to grab for money and credit. They got the opportunity after they each answered correctly Digicel related questions asked by PRO George. In the vault first after answering the question “Which year Digicel launched its services here?” was Dexter Layne. Layne grabbed EC$100 cash, EC$55 credit, three cases of Presidente Beer and one case of Heineken Beer (compliments Brewery), after answering that Digicel was launched in 2003. Entering the vault in the second place position was Julius London. London answered “Union Island, Bequia and Chateaubeliar,” after George asked “What are three places the vault visited during the promotion?” London walked away with EC$35 cash and EC$135 credit. Third in the vault was Karen Bascombe. Bascombe won herself a case of Vitamalt, EC$110 cash and EC$120 credit. Ann-Marie Simon was fourth to enter the vault. She won EC$120 credit, EC$110 cash and a case of Vitamalt. She had answered correctly the question “Which country launched Digicel’s services simultaneously with St. Vincent and the Grenadines?” She answered St. Lucia. A number of persons who had gathered at Heritage Square also received pre paid credit, Digicel T-Shirts, caps and water bottles.

Country Manager Polius promised “there will be more exciting promotions in the future”.