Caesar calls for research into Dr. Gonsalves’ work as PM
February 4, 2011
Caesar calls for research into Dr. Gonsalves’ work as PM

Saboto Caesar, the new Minister of Tourism and Industry, highly commended this country’s Prime Minister during the 2011 Budget debate, and even predicted that someone will find it necessary in the near future to conduct research into the work of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves during his tenure as the nation’s leader.{{more}}

Caesar, addressing the House of Assembly on Wednesday, January 26, said he envisages that this will be done on the Prime Minister’s role in taking St.Vincent and the Grenadines through “one of its roughest times economically: not because of any doing of ourselves as Vincentians, but because of the international economic environment.”

Caesar said the Prime Minister has again “shown by his excellent scholarship that he is a man for all seasons.”

“He is a man with the vision, a man with the ability to lead in times when others fear,” said Caesar.

Caesar said it’s no wonder that the Prime Minister and his team were elected for a third term on December 13, 2010.

Meanwhile, Caesar said the New Democratic Party, (NDP) has no authority to speak about Tourism in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, since they had the opportunity to build an international airport during the years when banana was at its peak and they failed to do so.(HN)