December 30, 2010
King wins $7,000 in Courts final draw

Cyndy King, a long time shopper at Furniture and Appliance Giants Courts, became the final winner of the company’s Christmas promotions dubbed ‘All I Want For Christmas Is At Courts’.{{more}}

King, who resides at Belair, won the last $7000 that was up for grabs, at the draw which was held at the Kingstown store this Tuesday.

The SVG General Services Limited employee, who purchased an area rug to qualify for the draw, said that she was happy to be picked as a finalist in the draw, a fact she tried to keep as secret as possible, so as not to jinx herself.

On winning the cash, King said that she is elated, and intends to finally pay some bills and put away some of the cash for next year.

She urged all persons needing the best name brand products to shop at Courts for the new year, and called on all customers to take part in future promotions.

Second place went to Greta Rawlins, of Greggs, who was represented by her daughter Janeil.

Rawlins won $2,000 worth of groceries for her efforts, while Golden Vale resident Sheena Carr won the third prize of $1,000 worth of groceries.

As with the previous five draws, the three were instructed by Shrevrelle ‘Candyman’ McMillan to select from numbers one to three.

The finalists picked the suitcase corresponding to their numbers and walked away with the prize inside.

Marketing Executive Alexis John thanked all the persons who participated in the company’s last promotions for the year.

He congratulated all the winners in not only this promotion, but all others that were held in 2010.

John called on all shoppers to be a part of other promotions that will be forthcoming in the 2011 year. He also said next year customers will get even more value.