December 23, 2010
Dr. Rosemary Boyle warns children not to consume alchohol

As Vincentians prepare for the Christmas weekend, Dr. Rosemary Boyle, a leading paediatrician here, is appealing to children not to consume alcohol.{{more}}

Boyle, a paediatrician of 10 years, warned that alcohol is a drug that will have harmful effects if taken in large quantities.

And in the case of children, she said the main problem relates to them exposing themselves to acute poisoning, which can cause intoxication: vomiting that results in irritation of the stomach, and effects on the central nervous system that may result in a coma or seizures.

“Alcohol is not supposed to be ingested under the legal age, which is 18 in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. So no child is supposed to be taking any form of alcohol,” said Boyle, noting that paediatrics extends to age 21.

“Even though you’re over 18, everything should be in moderation. Little as possible and not enough to cause any side effects,” said Boyle.

She used the opportunity to ask adults to secure their alcoholic beverages to make it difficult for children to have access to them.

“It doesn’t have to be that an adult gave them. It could be that it is left in easy access and the child picks it up and drinks it and you can get the effects of acute alcohol intoxication,” said Boyle.

She said in adults, large quantities of alcohol cause people to experience stupor and black outs. Boyle contended that large amounts of alcohol taken over a long period can result in chronic effects on liver cells, which may damage the liver. (HN)