December 21, 2010
Banker wins $7, 000 from Courts

National Commercial Bank (NCB) employee Lafleur Williams-Durrant is $7, 000 richer thanks to Furniture and Appliance store Courts St. Vincent Limited.{{more}}

On Wednesday, December 15, Williams-Durrant emerged on top of the “All I Want For Christmas Is At Courts” weekly draw, becoming the fourth of six persons to win the company’s 2010 Christmas promotions.

Williams-Durrant, along with Stanton James, and Akeila Diamond, who was represented by Desron Sandiford, were selected to be in the week’s promotions, and under the watchful eyes of auditors KPMG were instructed to pick a number from one to three.

After the selections were completed, the finalists were then told to choose the mini suitcase corresponding with the number they selected.

When the suitcases were opened, an excited and elated Williams-Durrant had won the first prize, with Sandiford taking the second prize of $1, 000 worth of groceries and James taking third place and $500 worth of groceries.

After calming her nerves, Durrant explained that she had initially refused to take the registration form for the promotion, but changed her mind at the last minute.

A regular customer at Courts, Durrant used the opportunity to encourage other persons to take part in the

promotions where they would not only get quality brand name products, but also stand a chance of winning great prizes.

Marketing Executive Alexis John reminded customers that there were two more draws left in the promotions, with grand prizes of $7,000 at stake.

Customers, who spend $499 and over are not only eligible for the grand prize draws, but will also receive ham, turkey and grog, along with other prizes with their purchases.

The next draw takes place on December 20, and will be aired live on HITZ FM.