December 17, 2010
Young voters turned out

Polling agent Dalwyn Coombs is of the view that the number of young persons who turned up at the polls on election day, Monday December, 13, is a good sign that the youth are making a pathway for their voices to be heard.{{more}}

Coombs, one of the Poll agents who was stationed in the North Leeward community of Chateaubelair, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that: “Based on the turnout of young people I saw this morning, they have realised they need to do something about change in St. Vincent.”

Coombs said that many persons found themselves at the polls before 7am.

SEARCHLIGHT’S journey along the Leeward coast on Monday suggested that most persons had cast their ballots early that morning, as most of the polling stations had very short lines.

Coombs further said, most voters went about their business quietly, with only a few problems. He however stated that there were some problems in relation to the location where the poll agents were supposed to be located, but said the problem was rectified shortly after. (KW)