December 17, 2010
ULP’s Maxwell Charles gains a political bride

Although the voter turnout for the recently concluded general elections decreased from 2005, the more ‘colourful’ characters still made their presence felt.{{more}}

One such character was Layou resident Debrace Jack, who inked her voting finger wearing a wedding dress.

The 36-year-old, who borrowed her daughter’s mini bridal dress for the occasion, said: “I feel happy dressing this way to mark my X. This is my commitment to the ULP – the future for me and you!”

Jack, mother to three children, explained that by casting her vote for Central Leeward parliamentary representative Maxwell Charles she had declared their ‘marriage’.

A life-long supporter of the Unity Labour Party, Jack was adamant that under the governance of the New Democratic Party, she and many others fell through the educational gaps – leaving school with little or no formal qualifications.

“I could have been wearing a jacket and tie now. I wasn’t dunce!” she reflected.

A past student of the Layou Government School, Jack recalled: “When you reach Senior 2, they throw you out on the street… nothing was there for me to do.”

Jack said that there were no educational programmes that she could have afforded to sign up to and, as a result, she spent a lot of time idling on the streets.

“Soon, it was only my name that I could remember to spell,” she lamented.

When the ULP gained power and began implementing more accessible adult education programmes, Jack was able to take advantage of the opportunity to improve her basic education. She boasted that as well as having improved her reading and writing skills, she is now computer literate.

Jack correctly predicted that the ULP would regain power because she believed more young people had turned out to vote.

“They are seeing what the Government is doing for them,” she said.

Jack also expressed a strong desire to see the NDP’s candidates lose their seats.

“Kick out all them high falluting ones,” she declared. “Send them away!” (JV)