December 7, 2010
JP charged for shooting men at Questelles ULP meeting

A 60-year-old Justice of the Peace has been remanded in custody in connection with the shooting of two men at a Unity Labour Party (ULP) political meeting at Chauncey on Wednesday, December 1.{{more}}

Ernest Dennie was arrested and charged with maliciously wounding Kebba “Plaza” Foye and Sananctus “Yard-e” Gould, both of Questelles.

The victims believe that the attack on them was politically motivated.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Foye at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), the businessman said he was driving through the crowd on his scooter when he was attacked. He said that the motorbike had two New Democratic Party (NDP) stickers on it.

Foye recalled that the shooter asked him, “If me ain’t see this is ah Labour thing?”

Foye said a heated argument ensued between his attacker and him, following which, things took a turn for the worst. “I spoke back words to he and all I hear is “bam” and I geh shoot just so in my leg,” he recalled.

He said he tried to walk after being shot, but fell to the ground and had to be picked up by four men to seek medical attention at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

“This is messed up, cause me ain’t do de man nothing, me and he ain’t friends and me ain’t dey pon no political thing,” he declared.

The other victim, Gould, said he was drinking a Guinness at a shop near the meeting when the event unfolded.

Gould said he saw a man with a gun and people running, so he (Gould) went over to the other side of the road.

“When I start to see people scatter, I go over by de next side and I see the man point the gun at me and shoot,” he said.

Gould said he fell in a nearby gutter after being struck by the bullet in his leg.

Gould, who made it clear that he is not involved in any political campaigning or “run up and down behind any [political] party”, said, “Me na dey pon no side and me ain’t know why he shoot me. He must be tek me for somebody else.”

Gould added that his attacker, who was wearing a red shirt with ULP emblazoned across the chest, ran in the direction of the Questelles Police Station.

“This is just too much and it needs to stop. I think me been done with (dead) when me get shoot. Me na trouble nobody cause I just sitting back and observing the elections, but I have to give thanks to the Most High that I’m alive,” Gould stated.

A ULP press release dated December 2, stated: “Initial reports suggest that a man was attacked, attempted to defend himself and that his attackers fired shots in return.”

Foye and Gould have categorically denied having guns in their possession or attacking anyone.