December 3, 2010
NMCM has been reactivated

For the remainder of the 2010 elections campaign, public held meetings by the three political parties will be under the watchful eyes and ears of the National Monitoring and Consultative Mechanism (NMCM).{{more}}

During a meeting held at the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday, November 30, the group was officially reactivated, two weeks ahead of the December 13 polls.

At the session, the NMCM made a number of amendments to the Code of Conduct which governs the elections. This was expected to be signed yesterday, Thursday, given that the Unity Labour Party and the Green Party were not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

Coordinator of Tuesday’s meeting, Godfrey Samuel, of the local Christian Council, indicated that all other members of the NMCM (SVG Bar Association, National Council of Women, New Democratic Party, National Youth Council, SVG Christian Council, and the SVG Chamber of Industry and Commerce) were present at the meeting, and that the amended Code of Conduct could not have been signed unless it was agreed by all members.

The amended document was supposed to have been looked at by the absent ULP and Green Party representatives before it could be signed by all.

The NMCM was set up by CARICOM in 2000 as part of the Grand Beach Accord, to ensure that there are free and fair elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

This year the NMCM will visit the remaining political meetings held by the parties and monitor activities on Election Day.

The NMCM is chaired by Father Antonio Pio, President of the Christian Council.

Meanwhile, Minister in charge or Electoral Matters, René Baptiste, confirmed that monitors from regional and international organizations will be here for the December 13 elections.

Baptiste, who spoke to Searchlight after speaking at the opening of a refurbished hard court in Rose Place on Tuesday, said that final arrangements are being put in place, and that an official statement would be made as to who will be coming and when they will arrive.