December 3, 2010
Bigger prizes in store for ‘Groceries Galore’ this Christmas, New Year

‘Groceries Galore’ is coming new for Christmas and the New Year with an innovation in their monthly food carry away. Starting this month, each monthly winner will take home half of the sales of tickets in groceries up to $2,500.00!{{more}}

This means that if ticket sales are $2,000 for this month, the winner will take home $1,000 worth of groceries! Therefore, there is no longer a fixed prize of $500 worth of groceries.

‘Groceries Galore’ wishes the nation a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and reminds all that it supports the fight against hunger and disease in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Support ticket sales. Your support goes a long way. Tickets are available at Bonadie Supermarket #2 and Big J Supermarket, just to name a few outlets in Kingstown.