December 3, 2010
Army hopes to raise at least EC$100,000 from kettle appeal

Business places and leaders of churches here were the first to place their contributions in the Salvation Army’s signature red kettle, to kick off the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Appeal for this year.{{more}}

The kettle appeal was launched on Friday, November 26, 2010, outside of the General Post Office in Kingstown.

Giving the feature address at the event, Methodist local preacher Monty Maule spoke about the prevalence of poverty, oppression and disease in the world, and stressed the need for Vincentians to support the efforts of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army hopes to raise a minimum of EC$100,000 to assist the indigent in this country.

Maule stated that the target was a modest amount, considering the reason for its use. He added that the target for the kettle appeal can be easily reached, if 100 Vincentians who are willing and able will donate an average of $1000 each.

Maule further commended the Salvation Army for their efforts, stating that the “mere mention of the name evokes feelings of hope and gladness.” He added that persons need to support the efforts of the Salvation Army, as they help to alleviate poverty and sickness and oppression.

“Wherever this burden is alleviated, wherever the pain is made less, the credit belongs to each and every one of us,” Maule stressed.

The event also featured performances by the Salvation Army band and several pre-schoolers. The kettle appeal will end on December 24, 2010.(OS)