Green Party Ells joins East Kingstown fight
November 30, 2010
Green Party Ells joins East Kingstown fight

There will be a three-way battle for the East Kingstown seat as a result of Sabrina Ells of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party (SVGGP) throwing her hat into the election ring.{{more}}

For the past months, heavy campaigning has been done in the constituency by Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace, who has held the seat since the 1998 General Elections, and Luke Browne of the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

Newcomer Ells, a resident of Richmond Hill, took everyone by surprise last Friday (Nomination Day) when she turned up at the CW Prescod Primary School to be nominated as the Green Party’s candidate.

“I will like to declare that you have been duly nominated as a candidate for the 2010 General Elections on December 13th for the constituency of East Kingstown,” Jacqueline Glasgow-Browne, Returning Officer, said to Eustace, Political Leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Browne and Ells.

All three candidates showed up within the three-hour window of  9 a.m. to 12 noon allotted for Nominations. They presented themselves between 9:48 and 10:50 at the CW Prescod Primary School, to announce to the Returning Officer that they intend to contest the elections, which takes place 13 days from today, November 30.

Ells was the first to arrive at 9:48, accompanied by Leader of the Green Party Ivan O’Neal and witness Carvenia Culzac.

After indicating to Glasgow-Browne her intentions, Ells and the Returning Officer went through the formalities of confirming that the six persons nominating her were registered on the voters list of the constituency, and that their voters’ identifications were corresponding with the names.

When this was completed, witness Culzac signed on the dotted line, and this was followed by the candidate paying her $500 nomination fee and receiving her receipt.

With that, Ells, Culzac and O’Neal left the compound.

Before doing so, Party Leader O’Neal indicated that he expected to field a full slate of candidates for the elections, “providing no technicalities.”

Eustace was the next candidate to arrive at the school, at 10:45. He was accompanied by his nominators, witness and a few party supporters.

Like Ells, Eustace indicated to Glasgow-Browne his reason for the visit, and similar formalities followed.

After the process, which takes about three minutes, barring any glitches, Eustace vacated the office.

His contingent was met in the lobby of the school, by that of Luke Browne, who arrived at 10:50.

The men and their nomination parties exchanged no greetings.

And as it was with the two previous candidates before, Browne stated his intentions and was duly nominated as a candidate.

As simple as the procedure appeared, all three candidates showed some level anxiety during the process, but at times exchanged jokes with the Returning Officer and among their groups.

Following the exercise, all candidates indicated that they were confident that they would be successful on election day.

Incumbent Eustace said that at the end of the day the results will be the same as it was five years ago in his constituency and that his party will win the elections.

“I am confident that I will retain my seat and that there will be a new government in office on December 14th,” said Eustace.

Browne also indicated that he has a great chance of winning the seat.

“The campaign is going quite well, notwithstanding the distractions and detractors. I am remaining focused and I’m confident that we will make it through,” said Browne.

Ells contended that her campaign was also going well.

When asked how she views her chances in the elections, Ells responded: “This is a good opportunity for young people. Nothing beats a failure….”