Mother claims child indecently assaulted by 4 year old
November 23, 2010
Mother claims child indecently assaulted by 4 year old

The mother of a pre-schooler, who alleges that her child was indecently assaulted by a schoolmate, is upset, but she is even more annoyed about the manner in which the matter is being handled by the school’s administration.{{more}}

The pregnant mother of three daughters told SEARCHLIGHT on Friday, November 19, that on Thursday, November 11, she was bathing her four-year-old daughter, who attends a pre-school in Kingstown, when she noticed the child flinching, as if she were in pain.

“I asked her, ‘Did ants bite you?’ She did not really answer. I said, ‘Somebody touch you there?’” the irate mother recalled.

The woman said the child then told her that a four-year-old boy in her class had touched her genitalia with his finger, after which he placed his private parts on hers.

“I felt crushed,” said the mother, adding, “I felt as if I had chipped off for a five minutes.”

“I said, ‘What! Where was the teacher?’ She said, ‘The teacher was sleeping,’” said the mother, who claimed that she would have been shocked by this statement, had she not been told previously by her husband, that during a meeting at the school, parents were informed that the teachers are under a lot of stress and as a result, have a nap period.

The angry mother said she reported the matter to the school on Friday, November 12, and was told by the teacher that the male student would have to be separated from the others.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that the teacher promised to get in touch with the principal (who is not based at the school), as well as try to contact the boy’s parents.

The mother said her husband went to the school on Monday, November 15, to find out if any effort had been made to inform the boy’s parents about the matter, only to be told that the principal would not be available to deal with the matter until Wednesday, November 17.

“We took it lightly, we said okay. We are willing to get on to the parents, at least for us to sit down and discuss this matter,” said the mother.

She said they were contacted on Tuesday, November 16, and were informed that the meeting would have taken place on Wednesday, November 17, after 10 a.m. The mother said her husband explained that he would not be able to make that time and was immediately told by the person who called, that the meeting would instead be held during the afternoon.

The mother said, that afternoon, before leaving home, the school was called to find out if the meeting was on, only for them to be told that the boy’s parents had visited the school that morning after 10 a.m.

“I got so vex and I catch a van and reach in town. I went to the school and told them that the way they are behaving is very unprofessional,” said the mother.

She noted that the matter was reported to the Social Welfare Department and she is now seeking legal advice.

“This pre-school owner don’t even care. That is what is killing me,” said the mother.

Prior to her husband’s visit to the pre-school, the pre-schooler’s mother said their daughter was taken to a leading paediatrician here on Saturday, November 13.

The report from the paediatrician states: “On examination there were no external bruises nor bleeding, there was no vaginal discharge noted, but the opening to the vagina was hyperemic (An increase in the quantity of blood flow to a body part; engorgement). The hymen was complete and intact. Our conclusion was a mild vaginitis: which may have been traumatic in origin.”

Last Friday afternoon, SEARCHLIGHT contacted the principal of the school who said that one of the teachers had reported the alleged incident to her on Friday, November 12.

“When I got in on Monday, I asked the teacher again if the children were supervised. She said they were there and there is no way that could happen because it was around quiet time. The smaller children were asleep, but because these bigger children are going out September, they do not sleep,” said the principal, who pointed out that the older children are given activities and are supervised.

“She said they were there and the child did not complain. Anything that happens, she speaks and she didn’t complain to her, until the mother came and told her that,” said the principal.

She said she was unable to deal with the matter earlier because she had prior engagements.

The principal said she tried to address the matter, but when attempts were made to reach the father whose daughter is said to be affected, he told the teacher who contacted him that he was not

feeling well and he has his business to attend to. She said he also pointed out that the principal should have contacted him before making any arrangements and he would not be able to attend the meeting.

The principal explained that she saw the mother of the boy and briefed her about the accusation against her son.

“I do not know what I could have done differently. What am I supposed to do, lock up the child and that is an accusation?” asked the principal.

The principal said she has contacted her lawyer on the matter.