Kingstown Park man pleads guilty to driving without permit, insurance
November 9, 2010
Kingstown Park man pleads guilty to driving without permit, insurance

Kingstown Park resident Michael Soleyn, 38, will return to court on January 19, 2011, for sentencing in a traffic matter.{{more}}

On Thursday, October 28, around 11a.m., Soleyn, the driver of motor vehicle RC654 collided with omnibus, HS682, at Gibson Corner, leaving four passengers of the van with minor injuries. They were taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) where they were treated and discharged.

HS682 had overturned and landed on its left side, while the driver of the car sped off.

Soleyn appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate Court on Wednesday, November 3, and pleaded guilty to one count of driving without a permit and driving an uninsured vehicle. He was also charged for reckless driving, but pleaded not guilty to that charge. Trial date for that matter is also slated for January 19, 2011.

Police told SEARCHLIGHT that the driver of RC654, a Toyota Ceres, had crashed into two vehicles in Kingstown before colliding with the minibus at Gibson Corner.

Dexter Wilson, driver of the minibus, told SEARCHLIGHT that he was travelling to Kingstown when he saw the car coming from Kingstown.

Wilson, who escaped without a scratch, said he is thankful that his life as well as his passengers were spared.

“I ain’t been really frighten when the thing happen, but I just glad that everybody ok,” he said.

SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that after the accident with the minivan, the driver of the car continued along the Campden Park road where police officers travelling from Chateubelair saw the speeding vehicle and gave chase.

The car reportedly crashed into a wall at Lower Questelles and the driver fled the scene on foot before police caught up with him.

He was released on station bail.