November 5, 2010
Parents told: Get on board!

Parents of the Calliaqua Anglican School are being urged to get on board and involved in the spiritual, moral and educational development of their children.{{more}}

The advice came from speakers involved in a panel discussion at the school, two weeks ago.

The event, organized by the school’s Parent- Teacher Association, took place at the school on October 14, and heard addresses from headteacher Yvette Bowens, Father Otis Nichols of St Paul’s Anglican Church, pastor Colin Smith and Senior Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Jacqueline Glasgow Browne, among others.

The parents were encouraged to develop a positive teacher-parent relationship, which, it was determined, contributes to the success of the child.

The parents were also reminded that it was their responsibility as well to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to all round development.

The event, which was considered a timely exercise, was geared towards brining awareness to parents about the absolute necessity to be involved in the children’s education.

The event preceded the school’s independence celebrations, which took place on October 25.

Students and staff, most of whom were dressed in independence attire, sang patriotic songs, read poems and played games.

A special appearance was made by the school’s retired senior teacher Merle Bailey.