Burgin defends Morgan
October 29, 2010
Burgin defends Morgan

Clayton Burgin, Minister of Transport and Works does not see any reason why Desmond Morgan should be removed as chairman of the Bridges, Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA).{{more}}

Responding to a question posed by Opposition Senator Daniel Cummings at last Monday’s sitting of the House of Assembly, Burgin defended the businessman, saying that he (Burgin) had no knowledge of any reason why such a decision should be made.

“I am not aware of any disclosure at the National Commercial Bank of any misconduct and subsequent action to which the Honourable Senator refers,” Burgin said.

“I am perplexed and I consider the Senator’s question mind boggling.”

“If he (Cummings) did not pay his personal taxes, then should he not be able to participate in this Honourable House?” Burgin asked.

The Transport Minister made it clear that any recommendations for changes on any board must be done in collaboration with the chairman of the Cabinet of the country.

“In addition, I consider this question by the Honourable Senator to be full of malice,” Burgin said, adding that the question was indicative of the continued attacks the New Democratic Party had mounted on Morgan.

“I have not been advised of any unlawful acts committed by Mr Morgan with respect to BRAGSA,” he said.

“The Senator needs to inform this House of the enormous amount of pain and suffering put on the people of this nation as a consequence of the unethical and blasphemous utterances of Sir James and Burton and others in their party,” Burgin said.

“What is being done to discipline these individuals?”

“This is another attempt to dehumanize honest, industrious and civic minded citizens of our nation,” the Minister declared.

He ended his response making a call for personal attacks on all citizens to cease. (DD)