October 22, 2010
PM says Que Pasa claim ‘A dastardly lie’

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has dismissed claims that his Unity Labour Party (ULP) has received monies from an alleged money launderer, and has questioned whether the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) can do the same.{{more}}

The Prime Minister, speaking at a press conference on Monday, October 18, following his return from Qatar and Syria, described the claim by Anthonio ‘Que Pasa’ Gellizeau as ‘a dastardly lie’.

Gellizeau, while giving testimony two weeks ago in a case brought against radio personality Elwardo ‘E G’ lynch, told the court that he had given money to the Dr. Gonsalves’ ULP through party General Secretary Senator Julian Francis.

He said that he had given cash, up to $100,000 to the party, also at the request of the Prime Minister.

“…I don’t believe for one moment that he gave the General Secretary of the ULP, Julian, any money. I don’t believe it at all. Julian told me it is not so and I believe Julian,” Dr. Gonsalves said in response to the allegations.

The Prime Minister referred to the allegations as ‘political hocus pocus’, and pointed out that the question was asked out of the context of the case, in which Gellizeau was giving testimony in relation to another matter.

Gellizeau appeared in court as part of Lynch’s defence. Lynch is charged with making false statements on his radio show ‘New Times’ which are likely to cause fear and alarm.

Lynch claimed that he had received information that Gellizeau, Francis and Assistant Commissioner of Police Lenroy Brewster had a meeting on a beach in 2007.

Dr Gonsalves then asked if the opposition NDP would deny that Gellizeau has been giving monetary donations to their party for their current campaign.

“Would they deny that he, Anthony Gellizeau, has been about campaigning in their behalf?

“They want to see if they can give the ULP a black eye.” (JJ)