COP Miller – False claims being made against police
October 22, 2010
COP Miller – False claims being made against police

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has alleged that persons are making false claims of police brutality to the media.{{more}}

The statement came in light of an incident which played out last Saturday, October 16, at the Central Police Station, following the arrest of a suspect in a series of robberies.

On arrival at the station, the mother of the suspect, who had been taken into custody early in the afternoon, said that she had received word that her son had been arrested and had been badly beaten by the police.

Following threats to take the matter to the media this week, Commissioner Miller, who was at Police Headquarters at the time, decided to call the media on her behalf.

“Monday is too far off. I want the media to come now when the blows are fresh,” Miller said when Searchlight arrived at the station.

Miller indicated that the woman had alleged that her son was beaten by members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

He said that the young man, who also claimed to have been assaulted at the hands of the lawmen, refused to take a medical form and go to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for treatment.

“He refused to go to the doctor. I wanted to send him to the doctor for the doctor to advise me on the blows he get; but he refused. The doctor would be able to test and see if there is any injury.”

The Commissioner said that the medical report from the doctor was necessary if he is to proceed to investigate and ultimately discipline officers, if the accusations against them proved to be true.

The suspect, when questioned by SEARCHLIGHT about the allegation in the presence of police officers, insisted that he was manhandled by police, although he had no marks to show.

“Is a Guinness Book of Records the people dem beat me wid. I get one lash in my chest, one in my head and one kick me into the door.”

The youngster said that when he was brought to headquarters for questioning, he received more abuse from the officers.

The man, who said he had been cooperating with the police, said that it was his pride more than anything, which was hurt.

“I not feeling any pain, but I just don’t like the way they beat me, tear down my clothes like a woman and still slap me in my face.

“I get lock up in good clothes and I just ill treat just so for nothing.”

Commissioner Miller, giving details surrounding the arrest, said that the police were responding to reports of a series of robberies made by a number of persons, including an off-duty officer who was on his way home.

The suspect was identified by the officer, whose chain, cell phone and police identification card were taken during the robbery.

A raid on the suspect’s home turned up a number of items, including the officer’s cell phone.

The Commissioner said that soon after the young man’s arrest, the suspect’s mother came to the station in a rage and threatened to call the radio stations and go to the newspapers, claiming that her son had been brutally beaten by the officers.

He said that this was a common occurrence, and he was taking the necessary steps to ensure that the truth is brought to the fore.

“If you hear him or his mother call in on a radio station, you will feel the police beat him up bad… you would think the man was in a wheelchair…. Giving people the wrong impressions.”