Burton: I am still NDP’s candidate
October 22, 2010
Burton: I am still NDP’s candidate

Despite recent claims, Burton Williams has refuted rumours that he is no longer the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate to contest the South Windward constituency.{{more}}

Williams told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, October 19, that he was still the NDP’s candidate.

“The party has its constitution by which it functions, it has its rules, and we are not to be too worried about the rumours that we hear,” he said.

“Burton Williams is still the NDP’s candidate for South Winward,” he declared.

Similarly, Andrew Simmons, the man who it had been rumoured was to replace Williams as the candidate, has said that he has “no interest in party politics nor in becoming a candidate.”

Simmons told SEARCHLIGHT that he is making plans to leave the country to join his family and that he has no intention of entering politics.

The former community activist said that he was never approached to be a candidate.

“That is basic speculation, and I want to confirm that,” Simmons said.

“My interest is in the people of St Vincent.”

“I have been abused, I was fired and that is basically enough,” Simmons contended.

In recent times, Williams had come in for heavy criticism by many for comments he made at a political meeting at Carriere on September 25, where he said that if the NDP won they should look after their supporters first.

Williams served as Minister of Health under the James Mitchell NDP government from 1984 to 1994 as Minister of Health.

He ran as an independent candidate in 1994, following a fall out with the NDP.(DD)