‘They just throw me outside on my face’
October 19, 2010
‘They just throw me outside on my face’

David Williams is seeking legal action, alleging that he was thrown out of a Kingstown store by a security officer.{{more}}

Williams told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, October 13, that the incident took place on Saturday, October 9, at around 3 p.m. He said that his cousin had sent him to buy razor blades at the store.

Williams said that as he cashed the items, the cashier told him that he did not have enough money to purchase the razor blades. He admitted that at that time, “I did kinda had a little booze in me head,” and he started to speak loudly in the store.

It was at that time, he said, that the security officer came up to him, grabbed him and threw him out of the store. He said that he landed on his face on the concrete outside the store.

“They just throw me outside on my face just so, for no reason,” Williams said.

Williams said that after the incident he went to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and made a complaint.

He told SEARCHLIGHT he is innocent and did not deserve the treatment that the security officer allegedly meted out to him.

“I didn’t do nothing. All I did was speak loudly,” he said.

Williams said he will be seeking legal advice and hopes to take the matter to court.