October 19, 2010
Magna cardholders receive $1,000 shopping vouchers

Three magna card holders were rewarded for shopping at the country’s newest supermarket this week.{{more}}

On Tuesday, October 12, Victoria Richards, Trissaca Kydd and Abigail Dalloway, all of Peruvian Vale, received vouchers to shop for free at the Ocean View Supermarket also located at Peruvian Vale.

The women swiped their Magna cards and became eligible to win up to $1,000 of shopping at the supermarket, which opened its doors two weeks ago.

Richards won the first prize of a $500 voucher, Kydd won a voucher valued $300, and Dalloway earned herself a voucher valued $200, taking third place.

Assistant Manager of the supermarket Jerry Ollivierre stated at the prize giving ceremony, which took place at the conference room of Professional Secretarial Services in Kingstown, that his business place was pleased to be associated with the Magna card, and that he was happy that persons from the community were the winners of the supermarket’s first promotion.

He urged them to continue shopping at the supermarket, even after the vouchers were used.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Magna representative Camille Crichton informed the winners that the vouchers could be redeemed in different denominations and reminded the gathering that the Magna card can also be used at CK Greaves and Company, Jax Enterprises, Trotman’s Electronics, United Insurances Ltd, and Bank of Nova Scotia.(JJ)