October 19, 2010
Fisherman says thanks to Coreas

Fisherman Mark Dennie has expressed thanks to Coreas Hazells Inc. for their assistance in providing him with new equipment for his boat.{{more}}

Dennie, during a press conference on Tuesday, October 12, to launch the Coreas Christmas promotion, thanked the management of the company for their assistance. The equipment, which Dennie estimated at a cost of $5,000, includes a new sail, a radio, compass, life jacket, tackle and fuel for the engine.

Giving remarks at the function, Chief Executive Officer of Coreas Hazells Inc. Joel Providence described Dennie as “the body incarnate of genuine Vincentian resolve to overcome the odds.” Providence stated that his company will continue to lend support to Dennie.

Dennie, Amron “Johnny” Simmonet and Walter “Colonel” Lynch were lost at sea for 10 days after setting off to take part in the Fisherman’s Day activities on May 24, 2010.

Providence also mentioned the company’s support of the St. Benedicts Day Nursery and Children’s home new construction project. Stating that the construction is a multimillion dollar project, Providence said that he believes that it is a ‘fantastic project which we believe that all must support.’

Providence stated that the company has made a recent donation of $5,000 and will pledge $10,000 as a part of the Coreas Christmas promotion.

“We also want the public, through donations as they shop at one or more of our stores, to donate to the cause as well,” Providence stated. He said that through contributions from customers, they would like to donate $20,000 to the Nursery by December 31.

He added that his company wishes to be associated with the project completely, until it is finished and continue to lend support to the nursery even after the new structure has been built.

The nursery was opened in the early 1960’s and its construction project started in 2009. The organization accepts children who have suffered sexual and physical abuse, abandoned orphans, mentally challenged children and children of mothers serving prison sentences.