October 12, 2010
Miguel overwhelmed

Girlyn Miguel, Area Representative for Marriaqua, has refuted claims that she fell ill during a public meeting in Mesopotamia on Sunday, October 10, stating that she was simply overwhelmed by the response of the crowd.{{more}}

“All is well,” Miguel told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview yesterday morning.

“It was based on the response of the crowd, particularly the crowd right in front of me. They were from Marriaqua,” Miguel said.

“The people came out and they were chanting my name; I was overwhelmed, really I was not ill,” she explained.

“They did not give me a chance to speak,” Miguel said.

“I had a list of over thirty something projects that I would have wanted to rehearse and say well this is what we would have accomplished and that we are in a better position than when I first came in,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

“When I went home I was wondering if what I saw was real because I never saw it that way,” she continued.

The Minister of Education, in her third bid to retain the Marriaqua constituency was the last speaker to take to the podium at the Unity Labour Party’s public meeting in Mesopotamia.

She was immediately greeted by an exuberant crowd who was moved by the live DJ music which immediately transformed the relatively calm political meeting into a carnival like atmosphere.

“Thank you, thank you thank you!” I am so happy tonight for you,” Miguel said in her opening remarks.

“Thank you Marriaqua for your support; thank you Marriaqua for your confidence; thank you Marriaqua for your cooperation. Without you I could not make it,” she continued.

Shortly thereafter the meeting paused for a few moments as Miguel became overwhelmed by the crowd’s response.

Persons chanted “Labour” as the music continued.

She returned minutes later to complete her presentation, after being consoled by Edwin Snagg and Minister Saboto Caesar.

“We are moving on to victory and I feel the fire in my bones,” she said before she prayed. (DD)