Lands & Surveys Gives Back
October 5, 2010
Lands & Surveys Gives Back

Consumers of the services currently offered at the Lands & Surveys Department of St. Vincent and the Grenadines were on Friday, September 24, treated to pastries, cakes, and natural fruit juices, mixed with the warmth and friendliness of members of staff. The event marked the conclusion of a week of activities put on by the department as part of the Ministry of Housing’s month of activities.{{more}}

According to Land Surveyor Jamal Browne, Programme Coordinator of the week of activities, the overarching goal of the event was “to create a lighter atmosphere within the department whereby users can feel free to engage members of staff on matters of concern to them”.

The event also sought to achieve a number of specific objectives which included: Building a solid platform to support a greater professional understanding between members of staff and the general public; The clarification of any misconception with regards to the roles, responsibilities and functions of the department; The promotion of a greater awareness of the surveying process and the key players involved – particularly among staff from other agencies; the promotion of a greater level of social cohesion among members of staff; and the promotion of greater inter-departmental cooperation within the Ministry of Housing.

The achievement of these specific objectives – in whole or in part – is recognized by senior members of staff as being paramount to the fulfilment of the mandate of the department – identified as: The prevention of squatting on Crown Lands; the development of a land information system; the improvement of the revenue collection and accounting system for Crown Land leases and rentals; the encouragement of freehold ownership; the development and strengthening of legislations governing Crown Lands; leading the way in surveying Crown Lands; and the production of new plans/ maps.

The event has been described as an overwhelming success, and efforts are now being made to ensure that this current progressive trend is maintained throughout the coming year, whereby next year’s event would prove to be an even greater success.

The department now places its focus on the establishment of its first complete customer service charter. This is aimed at improving and maintaining certain high standards in the department’s service delivery, as it informs users of the criterion for good quality service.

The Ministry’s month of activities concluded yesterday – Thursday, September 30 – with a grand exhibition held at the Kingstown Central Market.