A cool winner in Digicel Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket Sweep
October 5, 2010
A cool winner in Digicel Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket Sweep

Cool, calm and collected, that’s how one can describe Johnathan Lewis, the winner of this week’s Digicel Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket Sweep Promotion.{{more}}

Lewis is the winner of the fourth installment of the Supermarket Sweep Promotion and as a result, he took home the top prize of an EC$500 shopping spree which can be redeemed at any two of Aunt Jobe’s locations.

Last Wednesday, the Supermarket Sweep Promotion moved from Aunt Jobe’s Arnos Vale location back to the supermarket’s first location in Stoney Ground, where Lewis out shopped his two competitors Avis Brewster and Vandyke Thomas.

The Security Guard, who is also a Chef said, “I feel okay; this is the first time I have ever won anything in my life.” The New Montrose resident who described himself as, “a bit nervous and shy”, said that he shops at Aunt Jobe’s occasionally. He added that he is not as yet sure what he will take during his EC$500 shopping spree.

This week, the three competitors were each given a trolley and two minutes to place 15 items or more in their shopping cart. The person whose 15 or more items came the closest to EC$600 would win the EC$500 shopping spree. The rules were changed slightly from the last run which saw participants aiming for 20 or more items adding up to EC$600 in three minutes. Brewster grabbed 20 items amounting to EC$966.19 while Thomas had 11 items that came up to EC$944.21. Lewis had 15 items that added up to EC$565.17.

On Wednesday September 8, Lawyer Carla James became the first winner of the EC$500 shopping spree, compliments of Digicel and Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket, while Wednesday, September 15, saw Businessman Rudy Bailey taking the top spot. On Wednesday, September 22, Petrouchka Hills won.

Last Wednesday’s Digicel Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket Sweep Promotion was the fourth of nine shopping sprees which will be held every Wednesday at Aunt Jobe’s. Persons are entered in the competition by paying their post paid bill on time or topping up EC$20 or more. The event was witnessed by Digicel’s Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche, Marketing Executive Justin John and Supervisor at Aunt Jobe’s Joycelyn Burnette.

The next shopping spree takes place on Wednesday, October 6. Second and third place is given EC$100 credit on their prepaid or post paid phones.