Vincentian students told grasp opportunities and develop SVG
September 28, 2010
Vincentian students told grasp opportunities and develop SVG

Vincentian students pursuing tertiary education across the world are being encouraged to grasp whatever opportunities they get outside and return to develop their homeland.{{more}}

The advice came from Students’ Advisor at the Mona Campus, University of the West Indies (UWI), June Pamela Barbour.

Barbour addressed members of the Vincentian Student Association Jamaica chapter recently.

The Vincentian national, who is employed with the UWI Mona Campus as a Lecturer and Coordinator of the Radio Education Unit, told the over 23 students gathered at the Irvin Hall, that they have been given an opportunity not available to many Vincentians and it is important that they make the best of such an opportunity.

The lecturer further implored the students not to allow their attitudes to get in the way of achieving academic excellence and that they must begin now to find their purpose in life and strive to achieve it.

President of Vincentian Students Association (VINSA) Sean Rose said successive governments have afforded a number of Vincentian students the opportunity to receive a tertiary education and they all must take great pride in that and return to be nation builders.

The students heard plans by the executive for the academic year and a follow-up meeting is tentatively slated for October 3 to discuss plans to celebrate SVG’s Independence on October 27.