September 24, 2010
Amateur Radio Club alive again!

The Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Amateur Radio Club (SVGARC) held an extraordinary general meeting on Wednesday, September 15, at 4:30 p.m, at the SVG Red Cross Headquarters, Halifax Street, Kingstown.{{more}}

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways of revitalizing the Amateur Radio Club (SVGARC), it having been inactive for some years.

A quorum of members along with those newly joining the organisation voted to create a three member steering committee to look at the following agenda items:

  •  To prepare paperwork and estimate the cost for the SVGARC, to be compliant with the current legal requirements for non- profit entities
  • To update the existing club’s constitution for 21st century relevance.
  • To examine the implementation of a club website. The website is intended to facilitate all amateur radio operators worldwide, with information on SVGARC club activities. The club email address is

The committee members are Kumar Persaud J88CF, Geoffrey Hadaway J88NFU and Lennox Lampkin. Substantive club president is Douglas De Freitas J88BD, and Treasurer/Secretary Robert Young J85I.

The SVGARC will again meet on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, at the SVG Red Cross Society Headquarters, Kingstown. The club wishes to thank the SVG Red Cross Society for the use of its facilities. The club is especially appreciative, of all those persons who attended its meeting. The current joining fee is $10, with an annual $50 subscription thereafter.

The SVGARC has a proud history of civic service, during disasters and other national priorities. An invitation is extended to interested members of the public to join the club.